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[S2E4] Carol Of The Bells

one of the themes they like should have slapped me in the face right when we first watched this episode, but I didn't catch the pun. Until rewatch but the episodes called Carol of the Bells right and it's really like a carol of the doorbells there are so many doorbell montage is of like different neighborhoods like the the higgins's Doorbell rings several times like and then we have kind of Roy and Phoebe saga. And then we have Ted and Rebecca's journey and so there's there's so many doorbells and so I love that literally one of them is intersperse with the Carol of the Bells that's in home alone. You know, it's the John Williams arrangement of it with the children like singing the lyrics to that song. So I thought that was a really nice tie in that I totally should have caught the first time but didn't

[S2E4] Carol of the Bells

They show up at Bernard's house, and as they knock, Roy tells the kid to say they're carolers when his parents ask who's at the door. He does so, and Phoebe then reveals board after board. It basically says Bernard has been mean and not understanding at all, hurting her feelings. She's willing to forgive him once he apologizes, especially as this is the season for love.

With Ted Lasso sharing the same city as the 2003 star-studded Christmas movie, the parallels were right there. But famous people ringing the doorbells of London homes wasn't where the Ted Lasso connections to Love Actually began or ended. There may be no epic race for your love at Heathrow Airport in the episode, but here are the eight ways (eight is a lot of legs, David) that Ted Lasso gave Love Actually a 2021 remake. Take that, Red Nose Day! (Err, well, don't "take that"... the reunion for Red Nose Day Actually was done for a very good cause actually.)

Not everyone likes carol singers (looking at you, Bernard's dad and Peter), but is there any better way to spread Christmas cheer? Buddy the Elf sure doesn't think so. So Rebecca accompanied by Ted on percussion belts out "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)." In Love Actually, Joanna accompanied by Sam on percussion belts out "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Hannah Waddingham and Olivia Olson both can really sing, so why not? And it doesn't hurt that Mariah Carey covered "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on her 1994 Christmas album too. 041b061a72


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