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safari biathlon is a car racing where players recover futuristic, armed with heavy weapons, turbo-cars, after routes located on three different levels of difficulty the planets (the first dedicated amateurs, the second an average of familiar players, and the third true professionals involved in galactic championship). on each of them we have three routes and a few cars that we can buy, equip, and then win them the next rallies.

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safari biathlon racer is a wild race between powerful turbocars of the future. why a biathlon because by firing at the moving targets you can get to the finish line ahead of these targets. the event takes place on the racetracks of three different planets. on the first planet are held interplanetary competitions, on the second -- intergalactic. on the third, you'll have an opportunity to win the title of universal champion. of course, it's only a mere shadow of an opportunity, a mirage, nothing more. you are representing the obscure planet earth, while among your opponents are the best professionals from all over the universe. your chances to win are very slim. if not an absolute zero, they are immeasurably close to it.

the full version of the sims 3 pets includes: the game, a day pet, an evening pet, a household pet, a baby pet, a stray pet, and two random pets; two neighborhood pets; two neighborhood cats; a friendship pet; four children pets, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a parrot; a puppy; and a kitten. you can also..

the full version of hit the road contains: hit the road, an extensive soundtrack, a bonus level, and three additional tracks. hit the road is the definitive real-life driving game, set in north america, the middle-east and europe. get behind the wheel of one of the four beautiful cars and start racing. you can select the..


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