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A Walk to Remember is a novel especially for those who love reading romantic novels. This novel is written by Nicholas Sparks who is a famous American novelist. He got much recognition after this book and also a movie was made on the story followed by this novel. He has many novels that became the best international sellers. A walk to remember is one of those. The story of the novel is set in the 1960s where two people who are very different from each other but still they fall in love. Download the free A Walk to Remember Pdf at the end of this post. Now I am going review and summarize this book for you.

A Walk to Remember.pdf

The movie walks a fine line with the Peter Coyote character, whose church Landon attends. Movies have a way of stereotyping reactionary Bible-thumpers who are hostile to teen romance. There is a little of that here; Jamie is forbidden to date, for example, although there's more behind his decision than knee-jerk strictness. But when Landon goes to the Rev. Sullivan and asks him to have faith in him, the minister listens with an open mind.

The play is a great success, and Landon is congratulated by Eric and Miss Garber; Jamie receives hearty congratulations from everyone also. Landon is happy for her, and she thanks him for what he did, which has made her father very happy. The following week is the last before Christmas break, and Landon is busy studying for finals. He is disappointed when Jamie shows up in class in her usual old clothes and her hair in a bun. He had been hoping she had changed, but it appears she has not. That afternoon, she asks him to walk her home. During the walk she reminds him that he said he would make it up to her for being rude. She suggests that to do this he could collect the tins and jars that she has distributed to the businesses in town. The businesses place the tins near the cash register to collect money for the orphans. Landon winces because he knows that he and his friends put paper clips and slugs in the tins rather than money. But he agrees to her request.

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