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There are several traditional board games from the American West, but none like Bang Your Guns, a fast-paced, exciting game that's a cross between Risk and Westerns. In Bang Your Guns, players control Western-style characters who are out to take down outlaws and rival gangs. Gunfighters who choose a side will face off against their opponents, the Gunfighters or the Outlaws, and anyone who is on the wrong side can be shot down. Players must be extremely careful to avoid being shot by the Gunfighter's enemies, as they can end up collecting a body count. Just like Risk, a player can win by collecting cards with Western elements. You can take down up to three opponents at once, and unlike Risk, a player is not required to have the highest card to win. But every time a player shoots another player, he or she loses his or her own cards. To gain more cards, a player can improve a gun, which may take up to a round to do. After they improve the gun, players can use it to shoot other players. Each player receives cards for every opponent he shoots, so a savvy player can gain more cards by shooting opponents than shooting their own allies. The game is fast-paced and easy to learn, but is a blast once you know how to play. For this edition of BoardGameGeek, we've made Bang Your Guns free for the next week. If you'd like to join in the fun, click here. And as always, if you want to support Board Game Geek, click here to help keep the site running.

BANG the Spaghetti-Western Board Game.rar

Bang Your Guns is a game for two to four players and takes approximately 45 minutes to play. This edition features a new alternative to the Body Count card type. Each player chooses a character that may have special abilities like ammunition or armor and places them on the board. The Gunfighter Side and Outlaw Side each have unique abilities as well, but players must first choose a side before placing their characters. The game is set in a town full of spruced-up Dodge Chargers and new long-barreled single-action.


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