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Free Stdf File Converter

I've released version 0.4of libstdf. This release contains some more bugfixes and a demo of the newrecord writing functionality.Current problems I forsee involve reading the record type PLR with STDFv4. Also, STDFv3is pretty much untested; support has been added only per spec. The writingsupport is just a feature preview; not all record types are implemented yet.The TODO list is growing ! Feel free to help tackle it and add your own suggestions via themailing list (see the Contact section).

Free Stdf File Converter

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STDF Converter is an extremely flexible batch STDF converter. It can read one or more STDF files and generate CSV, Excel xlsx or JMP JSL data from the files. The output file can contain parametric, bin summary or test summary (pass-fail by test) data from the files. CSV files can be loaded into Excel and almost every other data analysis tool and database, so STDF Converter lets you get your data into whatever tool you are comfortable using.

java -cp "stdfConverter.jar";"guava-23.0.jar";"commons-cli-1.4.jar";"sqlitejdbc-";"gson-2.7.jar";commons-math3-3.6.1.jar;po-4.1.2.jar;poi-ooxml-4.1.2.jar;poi-ooxml-schemas-4.1.2.jar;commons-compress-1.19.jar;commons-collections4-4.4.jar;xmlbeans-3.1.0.jar spry.stdf.converter.StdfConverter -parametric -csv -output outfile.csv infile.stdf

SET mypath=%dp0java -Xmx784m -cp "%mypath%stdfConverter.jar";"%mypath%stax-api-1.0.1.jar";"%mypath%dom4j-1.6.1.jar";"%mypath%xmlbeans-2.3.0.jar";"%mypath%poi-ooxml-schemas-3.10-FINAL-20140208.jar";"%mypath%poi-ooxml-3.10-FINAL-20140208.jar";"%mypath%poi-3.10-FINAL-20140208.jar";"%mypath%guava-16.0.jar";"%mypath%commons-cli-1.2.jar";"%mypath%sqlitejdbc-v056.jar";"%mypath%gson-2.7.jar";%mypath%commons-math3-3.6.1.jar spry.stdf.converter.StdfConverter -sbr --csv -outputdir %2 -inputdir %1called like thisconverter.bat c:\stdf_dir c:\csv_output_dir

To write the software bins for all stdf files in the provided directory (and its subdirectories) into one output file, the script would look like this:SET mypath=%dp0java -Xmx784m -cp "%mypath%stdfConverter.jar";"%mypath%stax-api-1.0.1.jar";"%mypath%dom4j-1.6.1.jar";"%mypath%xmlbeans-2.3.0.jar";"%mypath%poi-ooxml-schemas-3.10-FINAL-20140208.jar";"%mypath%poi-ooxml-3.10-FINAL-20140208.jar";"%mypath%poi-3.10-FINAL-20140208.jar";"%mypath%guava-16.0.jar";"%mypath%commons-cli-1.2.jar";"%mypath%sqlitejdbc-v056.jar";"%mypath%gson-2.7.jar";%mypath%commons-math3-3.6.1.jar spry.stdf.converter.StdfConverter -sbr --csv -output %2 -inputdir %1and it would be called like this:converter.bat c:\stdf_dir c:\csv_output\my_outout_file.csv

I have a data flowing in from STDF file format , which is testing machines output file format used by semiconductor manufacturing industryI need to read the file in python and analyze machine output downtime and other details uploaded in the fileI googled for solutions in Github and other platform , there is no bug free modules available in python and also not documented properly to implement the codes with the existing modules

From my experience, that library is completely bug-free although the performance is somewhat slow on big files. And you'll still have to understand and sort through all the records for data analysis purposes.

Our API uses a *.MDB file as input. These MDB files are typically created by Microsoft Access up to version 2003. More recent Microsoft Access versions create ACCDB files, check out our ACCDB converter.

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PERL Newbie. Also, binary newbie. I need to access a binary data file (stdf, standard test data format, ). How do I even begin? Can someone explain to me how to access such a file, then extract the data to a form that is readable?I've seen the article with the following code:$gifname = "picture.gif";open(GIF, $gifname) or die "can't open $gifname: $!";binmode(GIF); # now DOS won't mangle binary input from G+IFbinmode(STDOUT); # now DOS won't mangle binary output to ST+DOUTwhile (read(GIF, $buff, 8 * 2**10)) print STDOUT $buff;[download]What is the "8 * 2**10" doing?I am working with SunOS 5.8 if that matters.Thanks.mnj200gEdit: g0n - code tags

For reading binary files first start off reading open, read and binmode. As for the '8 * 2**10' read Exponentiation. is an excellent resource.But really you should pick up Learning Perl, this will get your Perl experience off to good start. If you run into trouble, feel free to post here.grepXP matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my XP, do you?[reply][d/l]Re: Need Help: PERL and Binary Databy Popcorn Dave (Abbot) on Dec 06, 2006 at 04:24 UTCIf I correctly understand what you're asking, I think you're comparing apples and oranges. A quick scan through the PDF you gave the link to didn't show any graphics, but all text. If you're trying to get the text out of the PDF you should look at the PDF modules on CPAN or take advantage of a service that Adobe offers to translate PDF files to text files. Then you could use Perl to do whatever you want with the data.Of course if you're trying to open a PDF as a binary file, the other monks have got you started in the right direction.Good luck!Revolution. Today, 3 O'Clock. Meet behind the monkey bars.[reply]Back toSeekers of Perl Wisdom

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