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Beelzebub Episode 4

These scenes are the heart of the episode, but they're unfortunately undermined by some iffy visual effects. Hell is a combination of sets and CGI and sometimes the two very visibly do not gel. Something about the lighting and compositing in Lucifer's palace, especially, gives everything a distractingly stagey look. That's a bit of a shame.

Beelzebub Episode 4


Azubub have multiple interactions, those were just some small examples. The two interact plenty of times in the animes, once she was introduced, almost every episode from that, Beelzebub and Azusa interact. Though the two share very intimate scenes, they share no more then a few fanfiction pages on AO3. The ship is in between being popular and not. Due to the anime being not so popular. It might be on the unpopular side to other animes with large communities. But to the Slime 300 fandom, this ship may be one of the most popular ships ever to exist to the Slime 300 fandom. 041b061a72


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