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Ns Basic App Studio Crackl

"10+ Excellent job!" -- Nedzad Demirovic"Im having a look over Appstudio, is impressive!!" -- Marcos Godoy"so far it seems like an amazing product for those of us who are BASIC fans :-) I think the learning curve will be much shallower than starting from scratch with Objective-C. Thanks!" -- Nick Skol"Basically, I am newbie, very new. I purposely purchased your software just to test it out. Conceptually, I think you are on the right path, I like it. Have been using LiveCode, but simply think that when they try to achieve everything, it is like many cooks spoiling the soup.Thanks." -- Kelvin Chua"Thanks - you guys are doing a great job!" -- Buck Taylor"It is very easy to work with." -- Jae Lewis"Using NS Basic and AppStudio was a pleasent experience." -- Alex Santos, Brazil"Keep it coming, you guys created an awesome developing environment!" -- Ricardo Carraretto"All is well with our implementation of nsBasic Studio. Over the past 5 months we have been developing a Warehouse Management System (in use by 50+ warehouse personnel) on iPad minis. Great product. -- Malcolm Carter"I am very pleased with Appstudio and the integration with Phonegap Build is awesome!" -- Kevin Preston"We're very happy to be successfully creating apps with your program." -- Pedro Silva, Australia"I've just completed a revamp and extension of our 2 webapps using V4.1 of NSBasic. I must complement you on your software. It's great to work with and gives me great control. Our clients are very happy with the end product." -- Barry Lynch"For me is amazing. Btw. i was at a friend today and we try out NSBasic and MobiOne. The NSBasic apps runs faster than MobiOne amazing work you guys do. Thank you for your fast support on board. You guys do a fantastic work!" -- Andreas Klein, Germanys"I just started with web development (after 25 years of Windows desktop) and can say that your program is really great. I got a simple app running on a Kindle in almost no time. In the weeks before I was struggling with so many tools, reading books, watching tutorials and barely achieved anything." -- Guenter Schramm, Germany"I would tell you that the NSB App Studio is fulfilling everything I needed so far, I am very satisfied and happy with this fantastic tool, I studied java for a while and eventually decided to use the studio Nsb app and not regret. Thank you!" -- Luciano Marco, Italy"This is the best tool for mobile development that I have seen especially supporting multiple development languages." -- Gregsie Leighton, Australia"I've been looking other combinations of frameworks and IDEs and what I like about AppStudio is the way everything is integrated and easy to work. Besides that, there is the fact that you handle personally the requests on the Yahoo forum. No questions are left unanswered, even the stupid ones. Congratz and keep up with the excellent work!" -- Ricardo Carraretto"your produt is simple, fun, seems to be very powerful (widgets + plugins + x-platform + ...) - like! Just wanted to tell you that I played around with AppStudio yesterday - just great! And fun! Too bad... my last app I had developed using an SDK called DragonfireSDK." -- Olaf Wolter, Germany"Thank you for your response, and an absolutely wonderful product you have built. To say that you have saved me so much time in development would be an understatement. I have recommended your product to many, many people." -- Rod Dolen"You guys have done a great job already. I just wish I had a quarter of the talent you and your team have!" -- Gareth Lloyds"We are evaluating nsb studio 4 (we have already purchased v3) for a project that we have been assigned by a client. Nsb studio looks very promising, it's a very robust solution. Congratulations, carry on with the good work!" -- Tasos Vlachopoulos"Great job on this update." -- John Kane"Thks for a great programming tool!" -- Thomas Datateknik, Sweden"I've been playing with this thing for just a few minutes and if I was wearing a hat - I'd take it off! You guys sure haven't been sitting around drinking beer . the difference in your IDE performance is simply amazing. Nice, nice work! From one developer to another I must say I'm impressed. I've only been toying with the idea of developing mobile but this really encourages me to look into it further. Sweet job guys!" -- Bruce Roeser"I'm on AppStudio V4 and must congratulate George and the team for their great work on this release." -- Martin Topping, England"Just love it! Took me two days to complete my target app...a lot quicker than getting a mini-Mac, running Objective-C and throwing away 20 years of VB programming mindset." -- Tim Rose"New design is the bomb! Speechless.." -- Anele Mbanga, South Africa"I am definitely going to continue working with NSBasic on this project and accordingly purchased the premium support because it truly is amazing" -- Ken Myers"So far, love it. Much better than Xamarin for my use." -- Dean Sullinger"It's awesome how fast I get started to deploy. I'll keep testing the studio. Thanks :)" -- A. Orrala"i have tried out the AppStudio and im impressed with the effort taken to make it such a user friendly app builder, i am enjoying its capabilities and functionality. i have managed to create an app that fills a space in our business in the early hours of this morning that i had to submit this morning so i am really amazed with the capabilities that NS Basic App Studio has brought to the table. If i need any help what so ever i will not be shy to tell you. oh and thank you for the email the support structure that is offered is incredible and consistent." -- Andrea Mabena, Africa"I am testing my app on different systems: GB32, VB, LibertyBasic.They cannot beat NSB. I like best that it is easy to code things to be done, such as showing a pictureor a sound in the app. (I could provide pieces of code to compare with othersystems)Not to mention the rediculous overhead VB is generating. Other systems cannot keep abreast, for example GB32 is not really offeringevent-driven abilities. Such systems really suffer from growing old. I like also like easy testing. Compare it with a comparable system.To get that running is a nightmare. You are even requested to downloadother software!" -- FJ Meijer, Phillipines"I have only just started digging into NS AppStudio and it looks very good for an old VB and VBA lag like me. I have been learning JS and JQuery while playing with MobiOne for a week but it is painful and I find the IDE a bit sluggish. My first impressions are very good. At this stage, AppStudio's neatest features are the nimble IDE, flexibility to mix JS with BASIC and the speed of previewing when hacking around to try things out." -- John Crockery"Yesterday I was testing nsbasic, it works great! I was used to develop my own apps in VB and actually I'd like to do the same using a language I already know since for me it's much easier. I think NSBasic does exactly what I want! Also you're offering a lot of help and resources." -- Salvado Sole"Great product, but what makes it so different is the team behind it." -- John Rappa"My senior director was so impressed with my completed app that he is buying my a laptop and 4G card so I don't have to work at home on it anymore." -- James Hefner"Amazing progress, I'm impressed. All done with a very usable, impressive actually, demo. Way better than using Blueprint mockup as this is functional. Have Siri performing voice data entry. (Can't believe this is going so fast!) This is exactly what I need for rapid prototyping. -- Bob Smith"I tried my 1st mobileapp by navigation of forms and I succeeded and loaded in my mobile(android) Its really a great tool and as easy as VB6." -- Srusvin Loka"As a VB developer going back 20 years (I started out with VB 2.0), there was a little bit of a learning curve moving up to NSB/AppStudio. But, I am seeing results that I am excited about; especially the cross-platform and SQLite capabilities of this product" -- James Hefner"Keep up the great work. It truly is great value for money and getting better all the time." -- Tony White"my company has had me explore Cordiqa and Application Graft. Up front these application look very cool but as you dig down they are very limited. Cordiqa is great and produces great jquery stuff but the html editor is read only. You are limited to what their interface produces and that is it."ApplicationCraft is very sophisticated but it is too hard to use. The bottom line is that AppStudio, though less glamorous if far more flexible and powerful. Synergy's problem is that AppStudio has a propriety frame work to render the JQUERY controls where as Cordiqa does not. On the other hand Application Graft though very sophisticated has many propriety java script files to render their frame work. At least AppStudio is rated in the top ten but you guys need to be rated at the top :-)" -- David Bagno"Exactly what I was looking for and much more. I am sad I have wasted so much time on other (junk) solutions." --Kjell Hashti"you are always the best! Have you seen what big mess of shit is the new Android Studio? Even onClick is something for scientists. They should consult you to have a product for human interface :)" -- Carlo Carlini"I have just started to appreciate the intelligence that it is built upon, it is making my life easier as I am getting along each aspect of developing some ultimate mobile apps. I am personally of the opinion that your app is the best app out there for developing mobile apps easily with basic for users like us. I have searched the internet and there is nothing that does similar." -- Anele Mbanga"bravo, nsbasic, i love appstudio ! you had did it again.offering a option other than other IDE, that was both easy,fun and useful tool" -- TS Tan, Singapore"You guys are great. I keep singing your praises to my company. AppStudio has really made the demo for the VA possible!" -- David Bagno"You guys put in a lot of work. Sometimes I wander if you even sleep!" -- Glynn Mcdonald"Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated. Great program!" -- Ben Rimmington"I think AppStudio is great. The more I use and learn about it the more I love it. BTW, I was able to recreate in less then one week the equivalent program that I made with XOJO that took me over a month to develop. I have been using XOJO and Visual Studio 2013. To much work recreating the IPAD interface." -- David Bagno"Fantastic, thanks for the great response!!! you guys rock!" -- Bill Costello"Double holy shamolikins!!! I'm enjoying this. I believe we are in the "app age" and "boutique", customized but affordable apps will be in high demand. Your product really addresses that niche remarkably well. Thanks for creating an amazing product that my VB skills a fighting chance in the mobile development space." -- Albert Davis"Thanks for providing such a great product at a more than fair price. Maybe you should be charging more for this functionality. I would be willing to pay more. Sounds crazy, but I want you all to stay in business and not work to exhaustion. It's a self-interest in your well-being. I've made some decent money from my little niche products. I can add the little extra that makes my proposals compete even when the bids are using thin margins. And App Studio makes handheld development as easy as desktop VB, or nearly so. Thanks again for all you and your crew do." -- Ted Mylenbusch"one recruiter asked me about my ios development skills, (at the initial sit down i demoed my app from the ipad and iphone) Yes it took a year to get it done but i developed two version of an instructional video playing app (one for iphone one for ipad) and got them through the x-code, objective-c and provisioning portal gauntlets and into app store. yesterday it occurred to me how convenient it would to integrate excel and ios, some googling later i found ns basic!!! Last night between 10pm and midnight i was able to do what took a year to do!!!!! HTML5, CSS, and Javascript running agnostically in a mobile browser, functioning just like an app and all i had to do was some visual basic, I am stunned by your product." -- Albert Davis"NSBASIC is great and I use since Palm Os.....great great great !" -- Marcelo Botelho, Brazil"Now I have had time to dig myself deeper in Appstudio. I must say that it's no doubt an amazing achievment your team have taken on. I started to develope an app for Android using basic4android about 3 month ago, and now my boss asks me to rewrite it using appstudio, so that the app will be functional on all kinds of divices. That's were your visions can save the day. I think Appstudio is brilliant and still I'm only scratched on the surface." -- Roger Lindfors, Sweden"Nice one, much appreciated. By the way, love the s/ware, it's great for rapid development." -- Nadeem Rasool"I can see that NSB AppStudio opens up some really cool possibilities and is very easy to use, as always!" -- David Thacker"SUCCESS!!! :) This is a GREAT App/Program/IDE ..." -- Gregory White"I'd like to applaud you on the FANTASTIC job you did with AppStudio! Finally we have a program that can help VB developers to play around the android/iOS world!" -- Neville Chin"BASIC4ANDROID ( Average , its cool, but not flexible ) MOBIFORMS ( hmmmm....... really, limited and expensive) Im testing APPStudio ... its cool !" -- Ricardo Cassolatto"I would like to thanks all your team, yesterday our app XMenu was published in Apple Store and since last week was in Google Play. AppStudio made it possible in just one month. I did not think this was possible with limited knowledge in javascript. The whole team helped us (a lot!) with simple and complex doubts in record time. Congratulations for the amazing tool." -- Vagner Bertoni, Brazil"I had a couple of bad experiences in the past with PhoneGap, and had avoided it ever since. This is one of the reasons why I chose basic4android to develop native applications for android thus avoiding PhoneGap. Since receiving your email last night, I took another look. PhoneGap has certainly evolved since my last visit, and PhoneGap Build looks like it may well entice me back for a further try. Looking through the links to plug-ins you kindly supplied, I noticed that there are MANY new possibilities to consider. The utilisation of javascript libraries via NSBasic Studio had been a major factor when deciding to purchase NSB." -- Bill Noble"I'm using NsBasic and i have 2 apps in Apple Store, "compiled" with Phonegap Build. Now I'm doing a complex app for a business company to collect orders. Right now, I'm really satisfied of NsBasic." -- Marco Fantinati"Thanks for all your and your team attention, we made a little miracle to rewrite this app in less a month, exactly 28 days ago. Were very long weekends and nights, but worth it, we now have a truly competitive app" -- Vagner Bertoni, Brazil"This the most awesome development system I have ever seen for Cell Phones. Great Job! Thanks happy camper!!" -- Dave Holt"AppStudio is really good for apps development. It helps me a lot! Great job! Thanks for your hard working." -- Winnie Chan"I don't need any help, because you have awesome docs and tutorials on your website!!! Thank you for your awesome app!" -- Gerhard Gross, Germany"*laugh* Now /that's/ customer service! A reply in 15 seconds, from the author, at 6:06am. I've already bought AppStudio, but if I hadn't, that would convince me." -- Ken Corey"I love NsBasic and your IDE approach. That's exactly what I've been searching for many years." -- Francesco Galvanic"Excellent. Fantastic product" -- James Plank"I really love the system. Working on apps that use the US government healthcare APIs like the RxNorm database through a proxy server to get around the cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) issue with mobile browsers. Even have a cute feet-inches calculator on Migrating toward using .NET as back ends and NSB and Web Matrix for front ends." -- Michael Alterman"Great for me! I am very pleased with both: support service and product. Until today I have never worked with a software company with a support so fast and accurate, unless, of course, my company!!! eehehehe Every support is answered in hours... It is the support we have searched. We prefer less formal companies in the protocol, we need quick solutions and answers, not formal protocol. Today NSBasic is comming to be our partner number one. We suffer too much with last parter. A brazilian software house, they did a very good web framework, but a bad mobile... Our company is a mobile devoloper based at now, so it is strategic to us" -- Vagner Bertoni"AppStudio It's realy very nice Application and very usefull for our development staf. We hope to growing up in future , to be the first Mobile and Web Application Builder" -- Marwan Hadad, Saudi Arabia"I really like the simplicity of the tool and the wealth of examples. My first impression is that your product is well documented and just works. It's really easy to hit the ground running with how you set everything up." -- Tom Simon"This is VERY NICE stuff. This is the reason I choose NSBasic. I keep getting surprised with yet another easy reach to some new capability." -- Mike Burgher"I have been evaluating NSBASIC (among others) but have found that NSBASIC is the most like Visual Basic as far as the average developer skill set is in the Army." -- Doug Thompson, US Army"AppStudio is hitting me as a great product. Thanks for the work you put into it." -- Ric"congratulations again on not only staying relevant with your product, but improving it and showing "the others" the simple, straightforward way it should be done, and how it should be supported." -- Tony Simkus"I am an experienced VBA developer, so I have a learning curve; still I am grateful that your approach will allow me to leverage my experience. Thanks for the effort you have put into the AppStudio" -- Steven Young"This is terrific software. I have not seen anything like this" -- Ray Wyatt"Please pass on to your team that I think you guys did a FANTASTIC job with AppStudio! So much faster than what I've been use to the past few years." -- James Tadeo"I have started to make my first steps into AppStudio and I did not encounter any problems until now. The product makes an excellent and professional impression, I am convinced that smart phones and tablets are the learning tools of the future. I am very pleased to have found your product and I am eager to see, how far I can get with it." -- Markus Schfroth, Switzerland"I just really like the look of the product. I write a lot of VBA still and this seems to be just the thing I've been looking for to use those skills for the web/mobile." -- John Fournier"By the way, congratulations on an excellent piece of software now. You've done a tremendous amount of work making this a very tight little program and comprehensive tool. -- SteveGood product! This is definitely a sweet way to develop to the mobile devices. You're doing NICE work here. I'm enjoying learning how it works." -- Bob Briscoe"I'm enjoying watching you guys develop NSBasic. It's a really cool idea. I briefly looked into tinkering with iOS development at one point but couldn't stomach the idea that I'd have to A) Buy a Mac and B) Learn that insipid Objective-C language! " -- Bruce Roeser"Thanks for following up. I am working my way through the IDE and such. It's good to have an IDE like this...makes development so much simpler, particularly for us Visual Studio/Visual Basic oldies. " -- Bill McDaniel"It's a fantastic tool. Many thanks. " -- John Elliott"I really like the WIKI. Nicely organized, searchable, lots of examples and tips from developers on this discussion group. Good job. " -- Mike Burgher"Take this opportunity to thank You for an excellent software. Please keep up the good work. " -- Dennis Wallentin, Microsoft MVP"Good job on the mac version, totally stoked! " -- Shane Judy"I've found that NSB and the community is a goo


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