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Ivoclar Programat P200 Manual

it is a matter of course that this furnace offers hot fire stabilizers, coolers and a dust catcher. new is also the field of view function. it monitors whether the front opening of the furnace is fully open or not. the setting is active only when the steam pipe is completely closed. if the pipe is slightly open, the temperature and/or the working mode is impaired. this reduces the risk of dangerous temperatures and improves the firing performance.

Ivoclar Programat P200 Manual

closely linked to these new features are the new customer-specific programs for cobalt chromium molybdenum (cocrmo) bases. they are perfect in spite of their short firing time to shape up dental fillings or even implants. to make sure that this material will be fine-grained and sintered quickly, the programat p700/cocrmo furnace has been equipped with a pair of separate air blowers, which are added at the front of the unit, as standard equipment.

as with the standard versions, the programat p700 can be programed individually and will ideally have the same firing results as the standard version of the same material. so the dental lab can take advantage of the market leading firing programs for cocrmo without having to pay a high fee for the standard version.

in addition to cocrmo, all the dental lab also use other base materials which can also be processed in the programat p700. one of these is zirconia, which is used for the molds of the new generation of artificial teeth. therefore, the programat p700 offers a perfect firing solution for this use-case as well.

ips e.max zircad mt in addition to the standard programs, the new programs have been especially developed to enable optimum sintering results for crowns and three-unit bridges. the programat p1 with light pulses can be used for the first active..


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