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Exploring Microsoft Office 2016 Volume 1 (Exploring For Office 2016 Series) ((FULL))

1. The program usually takes some time to engage. Please be patient and direct questions to the contacts (email and otherwise) obtained when registering.2. This is something that you would have to discuss with the CSPP organizers. Please direct all questions about CSPP to that program. This forum does not provide CSPP information.3. For CSPP, please direct this to the program contacts. For Office Online Server, you can see licensing topics discussed here: -us/licensing/product-licensing/office -6725-4B29-B75A-A5B04179958B/Licensing_Microsoft_Office_Software.pdf -us/microsoft-365/blog/2016/05/04/office-online-server-now-available/ -us/licensing/product-licensing/productsThere are also contacts mentioned in those links if you have further questions about licensing. This forum is only for questions related to the wire protocol documented in MS-WOPI and does not specifically address licensing, purchasing and other topics for Office Online Server.4. See #3 above.

Exploring Microsoft Office 2016 Volume 1 (Exploring for Office 2016 Series)



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