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Teamspeak Setup License Key Full [Latest]

If you don't have a Teamspeak license you will not be able to create additional Teamspeak services. The Teamspeak master server includes one free 32 slot service. You will get a "virtualserver limit reached" error when creating additional Teamspeak services. Follow these instructions to apply for a license: -am-the-owner-of-a-successful-hosting-company-but-do-not-currently-offer-teamspeak-hosting-can-i-still-apply-to-become-an-athp-for-teamspeak-3

Teamspeak Setup License Key Full [Latest]

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The group synching currently is only triggered when a profile is edited, however I've had reports that it only works if the member is currently online in teamspeak. This will hopefully be resolved in an upcoming update fairly soon, as well as having it triggered with different events besides a profile edit so that the groups are always up to date. 350c69d7ab


グループページ: Groups_SingleGroup
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