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The Ultimate Shoot-'Em-Up Arcade Game: Heavy Weapon Deluxe Activation Code Explained

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Heavy Weapon Deluxe Activation Code


These weapons include any of the above which are made outside professional and legal arms factories. Not all types of the above weapons have been privately manufactured or improvised, but weapons such as the AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle or the M-60 heavy machine gun are within the manufacturing capabilities of local arms artificers on the north-west frontier of the Indian subcontinent. Primitive mortars and rocket launchers are also sometimes manufactured by different entities.

SPARKs are large, bulky units similar to the MECs of XCOM: Enemy Within in that they are large mechanical units with a large health pool and heavy weaponry at their disposal. Their abilities can make them into a highly defensive/supportive unit, or a close combat damage dealer.


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